• How are screws manufactured?
    Although the screw seems to be a small and insignificant part, but it is indispensable for large national heavy weapon and small household items. Then do you know how screws are made? General screw manufacturing requires six steps. The first step to select the wireRead more ⟶
  • Ukraine makes final anti-dumping ruling on Chinese steel fasteners
    On September 26, 2020, the Ukrainian Interdepartmental International Trade Commission issued an announcement, in accordance with the Commission’s resolution AD-465/2020/4411-03 on September 21, 2020, regarding the use of screws, bolts and nuts originating in China. The steel fasteners in China made a positive anti-dumping finalRead more ⟶
  • November is a new beginning
    November is the last month of the third quarter and the first month of the winter of 2020. Unknowingly, only one-sixth of 2020 is left. How were you doing in the first 10 months? How much gain? How much regret do you have? 2020 isRead more ⟶
  • Concrete drive pin shooting nail with the metal/plastic washer
    Product Name:Concrete drive pin shooting nail with the metal/plastic washerFeature: Flat Head and sunken head, diamond point, round shank or grooved shankMaterial: 55# carbon steelDegree of Hardness: 40-53HRCSurface Treatment: electro-galvanized. white, blue, yellow, black.Size: 1″-5″Size and packing are available to make as per the client’sRead more ⟶
  • UK Tariff Plan
    On May 19 local time, the United Kingdom announced a new version of the tariff system after Brexit to replace the EU’s previous tariffs on foreign countries. What products are covered by the new tariff system? How does it affect the fastener industry? Britain withdrewRead more ⟶
  • What are fasteners?
    As a member of Chinese fastener manufacturers and distributors, Shimai has a deeper understanding of fasteners. Today, QINSHANG will share an article about fasteners. A fastener or fastening is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fastenersRead more ⟶
  • Hello ,Welcome to Qinshang Hardware website
    Welcome to Qinshang Hardware website.
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